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What Should You Know About Buyer Personas?

Primarily, buyer personas are somewhat fictional representations of an ideal to perfect customers. Personas are created based on real data and research about your existing customers.

If you want to create a buyer persona in your company, then you should include information such as customer demographics, goals, behavior patterns and customer motivations. If an organization has a very detailed buyer personas, then the better.

These buyer personas are important in a company because they provide insight and tremendous structure. A well-detailed buyer persona will help you control aspects of guide product development, time management, and allow for the proper alignment across the company. This can help you attract the most valuable customers, leads and visitors.
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Buyer personas should be able to provide the company a view about why their customers buy. They also help in revealing the insights about buyer’s decisions. Depending on the size of your organization, you can only produce one or two buyer personas. Although, most large companies could have up to 20 buyer personas.
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Note: If you are still a small company, then it would be best to start with one or two buyer personas! You can always develop more buyer personas later if you need it.

How should you use buyer personas?

Buyer personas can help a company personalize and focus on what should the marketing technique and strategy should be like to fit different customers. For example, instead of forwarding the same emails to every customer in your database, these buyer personas can help you segment what kind of email should be send that would be suitable for them.

If you take the time to make a negative persona, then you can be able to identify what customers you do not want to attract. All these customers would wind up achieving a lower cost-per-customer and cost-per-lead.

How to create a personas?

Go through your contacts database and know the trending issues about how certain leads or buyers look and consume a certain content.

If you are creating forms on your website, it would be best to use form fields that can capture important information about a persona.

You should always be updated about the progress on the making a buyer persona.

Here below are the main points you should cover.

You should create a name for your persona. It can make you feel it is real.

Background – does it have a job, a family or kids.

Demographics- female/male, nationality, age, religion

Identifiers – demeanor, user communication preference

Personal Goals – Either or both primary and secondary

Challenges – what can you do to help them overcome these challenges

Common objectives – why are your customers shifting to your competitor

Marketing message – how can you describe and promote well your product to your persona