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Benefits and Risks Associated with Anabolic Steroids

Perhaps you already have heard about people learning how to buy anabolic steroids with bitcoins online, but do you really understand what benefits they give you? Well, we believe you crave for more information about steroids because you’re concerned as to what it could do for you amid the issue involving its illegal use.

By definition, anabolic steroids are a type of synthetic drugs that work by mimicking the male sex hormones, more specifically testosterone. There are several ways to use steroids, including orally, skin application in gel, patch, or cream form, or through injection. The reason why they’re called “anabolic” is because the immediate effect is the faster building of muscles. One of the original purposes of these drugs was to administer them to patients who have AIDS and other illnesses that make them lose muscle mass. Likewise, they’re used for male individuals who suffer from delayed puberty or the inability to produce sufficient amount of testosterone.

Anabolic steroids taken with a doctor’s prescription are for the most part safe and will provide the effects intended. In the most specific of cases, patients who unfortunately suffer from low testosterone levels as a direct or indirect result of a specific cause will get the natural benefits of using anabolic steroids, which in this case is to maintain a normal and healthy level of the said hormone.
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On the other hand, are anabolic steroids safe for those who want to build muscle quickly even if they don’t suffer from low testosterone levels?
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The fact is any person who wants to get that much needed edge in sports or in working out shouldn’t be relying on anabolic steroids. Well, it’s not really just about getting an unfair advantage but more on preventing these people from suffering from long-term and maybe fatal side effects. The most common side effects include that of women developing facial hair or baldness and men growing breast muscles. The most serious effects meanwhile include liver problems, kidney malfunction, and high blood pressure.

Anyway, there also is no denying that anabolic steroids have good benefits, too. This is particularly true among athletes and people who strive to build muscle and be able to maintain it. One example is the fact that taking anabolic steroids as a means of testosterone treatment corresponds to the natural increase in muscle strength. Aside from muscle strength, it is also scientifically proven that anabolic steroids lead to increased body size. Finally, perhaps the most important benefit of these drugs to athletes is that when they get injured, many have professed to have healed faster from their injuries, thanks to anabolic steroids.

While it may be true that there is more controversy to the use of anabolic steroids, it still doesn’t deny the fact that its use has become a revolutionary tool in medicine and science. Though it still needs regulation and acceptance, no doubt it’ll play a major role in science in the long run.