10 Types of Fashion Styles, Which One is You?

Well, we all are aware of the fact that change is the only constant and if it is about the styles you carry, they must change as well. if you think that you would be able to wear the same style all your life, you are wrong. People do change and they keep on changing all their lives. they see new things and then adopt them and then they see another thing and adopt that as well. this is kind of a race which never ends and people take the parts of that race with them all their lives to own the look.

There are a lot of styles and some of them get the hearts of the people. here are the 10 fashion styles that have ruled the world in one way or the other;

Vintage style

Pinned up clothing from the past have been the look of most of the celebrities not just in the past but in the present times too. till now so many celebrities take on the vintage look to slay.

 Bohemian style

Bohemian is a non-traditional style which is loved by the people because of the presence of art in it. yeah! You will see so much of artistry in the dresses of the bohemian fashion style. If you want such look in the womens dresses, you must try it

Chic style

Who doesn’t love the chic style? Everybody does. The main reason is none other than the spark that this chic look brings in you. you feel the aura of FASHION around you which makes you feel so much special for yourself.

Trendy and fashionable looks are all that comes under the chic style.

Artsy style

Adding some creativity in your dresses and women’s top is all that you need in order to get the artsy fashion style in your dresses. Not just that it will make you look fashionable but will also create a desire in others to look like you.

Sexy style

if you need the attention of males, sexy fashion style will suit you the best. It will let you show all the best features of yours and will help you gain the attention of everybody as well.  showing off your skin is not as easy as I need a lot of guts to make you expose your skin in front of the people.

casual style

This one rarely asks for efforts because all you need is what makes you comfortable. It is to be noted here that in case of the casual fashion style, you do not get to show off your skin so, if you are a casual fashion lover, the exposed dresses will be rare in your closet.

Sophisticated style

If you want people to praise you because of the sophistication you bring in your clothes, you must try the sophisticated fashion style.

Tomboy style

If you like to dress up like boys, you must adopt the tomboy fashion style

Rocker style

If you want three words to describe the rocker fashion style, here it is;

Vintage T-Shirts ripped jeans and leather jacket. That’s all.

Preppy style

WHITE shirts with OFFICE skirts and blazers come under preppy fashion style. They make you look so fashionable and adorable at the same time.

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